I recommend biting off more than you can chew to anyone;

SO MANY THINGS to write about. Where to begin?

I am doing some more portfolio-building boudoir shoots during this slow time of year. I did them last year, too, but I was weak and ineffectual. I let the clients call the shots. I wasn’t firm enough. I allowed people to choose which boudoir shots they wanted shown publicly and for many of them it ended up being such a small selection that it wasn’t worth it. A few people volunteered, but then decided that since they’re a lawyer/teacher/etc they didn’t want risque photos of themselves online in which they could be identified, so they told me I could only use photos that didn’t identify them. Annoying, but I am the only one to blame. I should have been completely firm upfront and told them that I could use ANY photos I liked, ANYWHERE I liked… take it or leave it. But I didn’t. And so here I am! Doing it again, and being 100% open about my intentions. I get to call the shots this time, since I am the one volunteering my time and skills. Boom!

On that note, I really love doing free shoots. I don’t know what it is. I value my time, really. I like getting paid. But there’s something oddly enticing about doing a shoot for free. Maybe it’s the lack of pressure. If the photos come out horrible… oh well, it was a free shoot. If the shoot gets rescheduled several times and we’re unable to do it… oh well. Nothing lost, nothing gained. It’s interesting. Plus I find that people are usually way more appreciative when it’s a gift and not a service.

I’m doing some life coaching of sorts with a client of mine, Chelsea. I photographed her (amazing and beautiful) wedding in July, and she helped me with some legal stuff with my contract since she is a super awesome lawyer. Her and her husband are now adding one more accomplishment to their long line of awesomeness and offering coaching — mostly for law students and lawyers, but also for anyone who needs it. It’s all about how to play the game of life the best way we know how, and how to accomplish goals while overcoming obstacles. I know it all sounds very cheesy at first but it’s really awesome. I just had my first official session with her today and I felt so invigorated. The goal we’re working on is fitness. It’s going to be insanely challenging, I know, but I think I am well-equipped to handle the task with my own confidence and her support.

More tomorrow…?