I Officially Hate Terry Richardson

Can I just vent for a moment about how much I hate Terry Richardson? I really, really do. I literally say “ugh” out loud every time I see one of his crappy photos. Today’s “ugh” is inspired by this delightful set of Miley Cyrus photos.


Really, dude? REALLY? You’re in the photo, reflected in the mirror? Yuck. I just hate it all. I hate the intentionally harsh lighting. I hate the bland backgrounds. I hate the raging ego implied by just photographing every celebrity who comes by your studio. I hate the complete and utter lack of creativity. I especially hate the photos of Terry himself posing with the celebrity, thumbs up and all. I even hate the fact that posting this will draw attention to Terry Richardson, which is why I’m intentionally not linking to his site (you can Google him yourself). Just… ugh.

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