I’m at that point where I’m still sick, but so damn tired of being sick that I just want to go play outside and run errands and just generally be a normal person who doesn’t just sit tied to a couch in front of a table that’s covered in boxes of tissues, cold medicine, cough drops, and bowl after bowl of hot chicken soup with red pepper flakes. I’m usually my own worst enemy when it comes to this — I get excited when I start to feel better and I immediately over-exert myself and relapse back into a sniffling, sneezing mess. But it is REALLY HARD to take it easy sometimes (all the time).

2 thoughts on “Restless

    1. Thanks, friend. 🙂 It did feel good for a few days… but then you get to that point where you just want to be normal again, ya know? My preferred type of rest is when I am perfectly healthy but just feel like laying on the couch. 😉


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