National Coming Out Day

In case you hadn’t heard, today is National Coming Out Day! Personally, it’s all over my Facebook feed this morning, but that’s because my friends are awesome and open-minded and celebrate things like diversity and acceptance. WOO! I would consider myself bisexual, and I’m married to a straight man, but I have friends who span a wide and varying range of sexual preferences and gender identity, and I think they’re all great (the friends AND the preferences). I hope that someday soon our country, and world, as a whole can accept and be psyched about the fact that we’re all different and that’s AWESOME. It helps us to connect, to share experiences, and to generally not be a boring, homogenized world. So, enjoy today – I will!

2 thoughts on “National Coming Out Day

  1. heh, didn’t realize that National Coming Out Day was today, my fb friends must still be asleep or they all came out already. An old friend of mine came out/reiterated that she was bisexual on a previous NCO Day, and it made me think. I’ve been with my husband since we were 18 (20 years ago!!!) and I’ve never had another serious relationship with a male or female, but I suspect I am bisexual as well. And it doesn’t change anything, but is still mildly interesting. I think most of my friends would be surprised because I don’t usually express a sexual interest in anyone other than my husband 🙂


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