The Best Episode of The Office

I’ll admit something straight up: I love The Office (US). Really, love is not NEARLY a strong enough word. I am borderline obsessed with The Office. I saw the first season waaaay back – sometime in 2006. I was instantly hooked. Since then, I have seen seasons 1-6 probably HUNDREDS of times… season 7 and 8 quite a bit less… and season 9 only twice (so far). It is just… the best. I love Michael Scott. I love Pam & Jim (squee!). I love Jim’s pranks on Dwight. I love Oscar and Angela and Kevin, I love Dunder Mifflin, I love ALL of it. I have it playing on an almost daily basis. It’s actually playing RIGHT NOW (“Moroccan Christmas”). That being said, there is one episode that is just perfection. The dialogue, the jokes, it just makes me laugh EVERY time, and that episode is “Customer Survey” (season 5 episode 7). I won’t tell you what it’s about in case you haven’t seen it yet (and really, what’s stopping you!?), but it’s just awesome. You can watch the full episode here for $1.99 or you can just watch this YouTube clip of one of my favorite scenes.

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