Happy Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN, y’all. My favorite holiday, for sure. Everything is all crisp and chilly outside. When you walk on the street you can’t help but crunch some leaves underfoot. Everyone gets to dress up as something or someone else today, putting on a mask of sorts and escaping reality for a short time and just enjoying being wild and crazy for a night (or a few nights). I love it. To celebrate, here’s some photos of me from past Halloweens…


At some kind of school function… an awesome vampire (with ghost socks!).


A (very unimpressed) ballerina.


A cat! Sitting with my awesome Grampa.


A much younger cat (with my Mom & Aunt Patty, who clearly ate all my candy).


A pumpkin, perhaps? Holding a fellow pumpkin’s severed head for my candy spoils. I was a bad ass.


Not sure what I am here, but I think my brother is the real focus in his adorable, orange lady bug costume.


And the best costume ever — Sparkle Bat. I think one of these years she might make a reappearance!

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