The Ring (2002)

This was a re-watch for me, of course, since I initially saw this movie around the time it came out (and probably once or twice since then). My husband remembered it being pretty scary, so we included it in our Halloween Horror Month. I totally forgot how great this movie is. It doesn’t rely on blood and gore to scare you, and instead has a pretty fascinating plot line. You’re tricked at first into thinking it will be a typical teenage slasher movie, but it really opens up as it goes on and becomes pretty interesting.

Let’s sum it up first. Basically, a journalist (Naomi Watts) is deeply investigation a videotape that supposedly causes the death of anyone who watches it within a week. She’s particularly attracted to the story because of a personal connection — her niece (also her son’s best friend) is one of several teenage deaths that occur.

The cursed video alone is a disturbing watch, and the whole thing definitely brings up feelings from my own childhood when you would hear a creepy urban legend and believe (despite your desire to ignore it) that it was completely real (and coming for you next). There’s several instances in the movie when you jump from your seat out of shock. The mood portrayed during the course of the movie is consistently cold and gloomy, occasionally paired with the stark contrast of warmer, autumn colors — very bizarre, intentionally I’m sure. And overall, the movie has a great pace — keeping you interested and never impatiently wondering when the thing will finally conclude. The acting isn’t mind-blowing, but it’s well done.

Definitely a good horror movie to watch and re-watch. Luckily it had been a long while since I first saw it, so I was slowly remembering bits and pieces as we went along, which made it almost like a new discovery. Awesome! I’d give it 7.8 stars.


The Ring (2002) | Directed by Gore Verbinski | Written by Ehren Kruger (screenplay) & Koji Suzuki (novel “The Ring”) | Music by Hans Zimmer | Starring Naomi Watts, Martin Henderson, David Dorfman, Brian Cox, Daveigh Chase | 7.8 Stars

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