I already had this topic in mind on my drive home and when I got home I saw that my Mom had shared this photo on Facebook. It was meant to be.


Being in a good mood is the best. I know that seems like the most obvious statement ever, but when you think about how much being in a good mood has to do with your overall mental state, contentment with life, and your general attitude, then it becomes a really big deal. It’s not just a random thing — one day you wake up happy, one day you’re sad. It’s not a matter of luck. For the most part, it’s a choice. Choosing to let things wash over you rather than drag you down. Especially when those things are relatively insignificant outside of that moment. I’m talking about dropping your mascara in the toilet, running out of hot water in the shower, being a few minutes late to work. In the grand scheme of things, those are no big deal. Minor annoyances. But they can obviously pile up — or just hit you at the wrong time — and sour your whole mood. I’m definitely guilty of this. I’ve had plenty of mornings — or sometimes entire days — when I just couldn’t free myself of a shitty mood. I’m irritable, impatient, frustrated, and sometimes downright angry. I take it out on all the wrong people. I argue with my husband, I snap at the dog, and for what?

It’s still a huge work in progress, no doubt, but I try to remind myself every day that my mood is — for the most part — 100% up to me. I can’t let myself be twisted and prodded by everything that happens around me. It’s up to me how I handle those things, what I dwell on, and what I choose to let pass me by. There’s a lesson to be learned from everything that happens, but that lesson doesn’t always need to result in my mood being hampered, having less trust or faith in people, or generally feeling hateful or angry. So I’m going to focus more on choosing happiness.

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