This week has been one of the most confusing, emotional, and overwhelming weeks of my life. Really, the whole week itself hasn’t been that bad, but one day — Monday — bore the brunt of it. While I don’t care to go into great detail, I just wanted to put into words how quickly life can be turned upside-down. How you can teeter on the edge of catastrophe for so long and not seem to notice (or want to notice)… and then suddenly you topple, careening into the unknown down below. How even when that toppling is your own doing, you find yourself grasping at straws, trying to repair what has been done. How even the outcome you’ve been expecting all along might not pan out (to your great relief) and how you can be overcome with gratitude and tentative joy. How relationships can endure great wounds and patiently tend to those wounds so they may someday develop strong and meaningful scars.

2 thoughts on “Change

  1. I’ve been wondering how everything was going, not really going to ask a lot of questions right now. You know we love you like crazy and are always listening in any way we can. Got some silence there for awhile, but hope things are working out. Always here for a talk or a visit, but you know that! Love you so much!


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