So today is all about giving thanks. Well, really, today has much deeper roots, but let’s keep it simple. Personally, I try to be thankful every day. I know that’s cliche, but really — I have a lot to be grateful for. An overwhelming amount of luck and love, really, and I try not to take it for granted (though I do fail at times). I’m thankful for my family — immediate, extended, and in-laws — who are all extremely grounded, supportive, and fun. My mom and my brother, primarily, who are rocks in my life, and my grandparents, who just get cooler every day. My husband, who is truly my partner in life and love, and who brought me to a new level of nerdiness with his love for Star Trek (it was extremely contagious). Our animals — The Bengal, Meowbeams, New Kitty, and Mukow — who remind me that selfless love and trust do exist. Our little home, which holds memories of our first days together, keeps us warm and safe, and keeps me close to my mom. Our neighborhood, which might have its quirks but is overall a great place. My health, which has carried me through 26 years without more than a fever or a sprained ankle. My job, which allows me to travel all over this region and this country, to meet new people, to pursue my creative endeavors, and most of all to be free to live the life I want while supporting my family. My city, which is diverse, unique, and creative, and which I am always happy to be a part of. My colleagues and friends, who are encouraging, challenging, and kind, always valuing helping their fellow person rather than selfishly getting ahead alone. My upbringing, which was absolutely filled to the brim with love and opportunity. Even my tragedies in life, particularly the loss of my father, have ultimately been things that shaped me to be who I am and life the life I have, and for that I am grateful. I hope all of you spend some time today thinking about how fucking awesome your life is, even with its bumps along the way.


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