8 Years

Eight years ago today Nate asked me to be his girlfriend. This is an anniversary he refuses to acknowledge anymore — apparently once you’re married that’s the only date that is worthy of being remembered — but I think of it every November 30th. It was 2005 — I had just turned 18 and Nate was 21. We had been seeing each other for maybe 2 weeks at that point. We met on MySpace — oh yes — and instantly hit it off. We spent almost every night hanging out, mostly just sitting around talking or him driving me to various places (mostly gas stations so I could buy candy). We were sitting in his basement bedroom at his parents’ house and we called my friend Liz who lived in Philadelphia at the time. Her and I were close and she hadn’t “met” this mysterious guy yet, so she wanted to make sure she approved. At some point in the conversation she asked “so are you two girlfriend and boyfriend or what?”. Nate hesitated for a moment but then said “yeah” — and I immediately hung up the phone and said “wait, WHAT?”. He casually said, yeah, we are, and I informed him that one cannot just CASUALLY mention that we’re officially together without a formal inquiry. He then got down on one knee and asked me to be his girlfriend, and I excitedly called Liz back to tell her that yes, he IS my boyfriend.

Oh man. So lame, but so awesome. I still remember many of those days in vivid detail, and the emotion that is most often associated with those memories is just pure excitement. Nate basically came out of nowhere, into my life during a time when I was not prepared to fall so quickly and completely for someone (which in my opinion is the best time). I instantly loved him, and still do, a little more every single day. So here’s to 8 years together and hopefully many more to come!




3 thoughts on “8 Years

  1. I agree…You guys ARE so cute! The pictures are great too! Congratulations to you both!

    I play #32 if I play the lottery because March 2nd (12 years ago!) was my first date with Woody- something he rolls his eyes at too. But without these dates- the rest of the dates would have never happened!!

    Congrats again and wishing you a happy 8 (+8+8+8+8+8+8+8, etc) more! 🙂


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