Hi. It’s -11 here. This is just… no. No. I let the dog out last night and it was -8 so I just snapped her collar on and watched her from the door (with the door just slightly ajar so I could call to her) and THAT was too much to bear. My hand was on the door for maybe 30 seconds without any wind blowing on it and it was in pain for 15-20 minutes after that. NOT. OKAY. It’s 74 days until spring… 74 days until spring…


I Agree

I got this little gem from TUT this morning:

“I do hereby proclaim that today shall be the first day of the most exciting time of your life, Justine Johnson.”

I have to say I agree. I don’t know why or how, but I’ve had this feeling for a long while now that 2014 is going to be incredible. In the last week leading up to New Year’s Eve I had that feeling in the pit of my stomach like something awesome was about to happen. Still do. I can’t explain it, but I’m just going to run with it.

Oh Hey, 2014

I know this will sound cliche, but damn… where did the year go? It’s amazing how a year passing can feel like it flew by, while at the same time it feels like January 2013 was impossibly far away. I don’t have any real complaints about the year — I’m not part of the crowd who says “fuck 2013” — but there were some rough patches for sure. More than anything, I just have this feeling that 2014 is going to be INCREDIBLE. I don’t know how or why, but I’ve been feeling it for months… there’s just something about this year that’s going to blow my mind.

I am always tempted to make resolutions for the coming year. Honestly, I love lists. I love the idea of writing down all of these goals and dreams and the feeling of having a clean slate. While on one hand you can think today is just another Wednesday, just the next day in the week… it’s not. It’s the start of a whole new year. There’s something therapeutic about that, something invigorating, and no matter how superficial it might seem at times, I’ll take any motivation I can get.

I don’t have any solid resolutions for this year — at least not yet. Overall I want to care less about what people think. I want to do my own thing no matter what people might say or how they might look at me. I want to be less afraid, of everything. Less nervous, less anxious, more confident and secure and adventurous. I want to say “yes” more to opportunities, even when my first instinct is to be apprehensive, and “no” more to things that don’t benefit me, things that stress me out, things that wear me down. I want my mind to be more open and receptive to ideas, people, thoughts, and feelings. I just want to BE better than I have been.

What about you?