Election Results


I just… can’t even think straight with the results of this election. I went to bed around midnight with LePage in the lead and hoped that somehow a miracle would happen while I slept. It didn’t. 47.75% of the vote went to LePage making him governor of Maine for 4 more years. Michaud came in with almost 44% of the vote so certainly not a bad turnout… but god damn. Republicans have seized the Senate, Tom Cotton is in Arkansas, Tennessee’s abortion measure passed, Mitch McConnell is in Kentucky, Rick Scott is in Florida, Susan Collins took the Senate seat for Maine, Nikki Haley is in South Carolina. These are dark days indeed. The silver lining? Oregon and DC both legalized recreational marijuana, Chellie Pingree won for Maine, and both Colorado and North Dakota rejected the “personhood rights” measure. Thankfully there’s still some sense in this freaking country. It’s okay though, because the 2016 election is going to BLOW OUR MINDS.

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