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There’s a new Facebook Thing going around for the month of November. Well, it might not be new, but it’s a thing. It’s encouraging people to post something that they’re grateful for every day this month. And while I more often than not think that Facebook Things can be pretty dumb and pointless, this one is actually awesome, if for no other reason than it forces me to sit for a moment and gain some perspective on life and focus on the positive. Because, as always, the positive things in life absolutely overwhelm the negative. And I literally CANNOT COUNT all of the things I have to be grateful for. The list is TOO LONG. I would never get anything done if I sat all day and just thought about things in my life that are AWESOME. People I love, moments I was lucky, accomplishments I’ve made. All the times that the stars have aligned, that the wind has blown the right way, that a butterfly somewhere across the globe has flapped its wings in such a way that my life was positively impacted. Fate, karma, whatever you want to call it, life is awesome and I am damn grateful.

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