Etsy Loves #1

This is a new thing I’m thinking about doing on a weekly basis — I’m thinking Etsy Love Thursday but I just couldn’t wait until next week! I’ll be showing a collection of 16 awesome Etsy items based around a central theme that will change every week. There’s no rules about what type of items — it’s everything that fits the theme, so you’ll likely see a mix of jewelry, decor, home items, various types of art, food, and toiletries, among others. This week’s theme is SILVER so it happens to be lots of jewelry. ENJOY!

Screen Shot 2014-11-14 at 11.12.47 AM

First row, from left: Metallic silver bow moccasins from tinybabysoles ($38) | Tree locket necklace from lefrenchgem ($32) | Fingerprint wedding ring from FingerPrintBands ($140) | Tiny rat necklace from lulubugjewelry ($30) | Second row, from left: Bridal leaf headpiece from mylavaliere ($45) | Love knot ring from LisasLovlies ($16.50) | Bunny ring from authfashion ($8.80) | Silver metallic spatter pillow covers from ColourfulChiv ($65) | Third row, from left: Geometric necklace from AMEjewels ($35.81) | Crab claw pendant necklace from redsofa ($95) | Small boy silhouette necklace from FreshyFig ($20) | Silver chevron transparent nail wraps from SoGloss ($8) | Bottom row, from left: Matching fingerprint rings from FingerPrintBands ($240) | Love arrow ring from Handmadenamenecklace ($43.99) | Octopus tentacle ring from SilverPhantomJewelry ($36.99) | Anatomical heart necklace from billyblue22 ($34).

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