Let’s Deciper Robert Pattinson’s Hair TOGETHER!


I know what you’re thinking — this is CLEARLY worthy of every single site in existence FREAKING OUT. I mean… it looks normal from the front! But WHAT is going on in the back!?

We’ve got MTV speculating (it’s crazier than they thought!). Huffington Post decided to weigh in (something funky has definitely been going on, they knew it all along). The Daily Mail added their two cents (drastic!). Even CBS freaking News had to chime in (you’re not seeing things!).

Did he lose a bet? Is it VELCRO? It’s EDGY! It’s RIDICULOUS! It’s DRASTIC! It’s “CONFUSING OUR SOULS AND DISTRESSING OUR MINDS” (thanks for that one, Sugarscape)!

Or perhaps he’s having just as much of a laugh as I am that his haircut — while unusual — is getting a WHIRLWIND of media attention. I freaking hope so.

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