All That’s Left To Do

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My friend Elle said something on Facebook this morning that really resounded with me. One of those rare and delightful times when someone else puts to words something you’ve been thinking and feeling and trying to pinpoint for weeks. Her exact quote:

“Right around this time of year I get a nostalgic, cozy feeling. It’s too late to exact massive change in 2014 and too early to kick 2015’s ass. All that’s left to do is whatever is in front of you.”

I just… yeah. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling. It coincides nicely with my work schedule — crazy from April-October, slowing down in November-December, and then a big long break from January-March. That big long break is when the “behind the scenes” magic happens — tightening up contracts and e-mail templates, back end work on my website, making FAQ documents and contacting the next year’s assistants and finally updating my poor, neglected blog. It’s really satisfying. But right now? It’s too early for that, especially considering I still have a load of editing to do.

So I’m trying to put things into perspective. It’s OKAY to just be working on that editing right now. That’s what I’m meant to do. As much as I want to get a jumpstart on that other list of tasks… this is my priority. This pile right in front of me. I need to get a hot cup of tea, keep The Office playing as background noise, and just demolish what’s in front of me so I can move onto kicking 2015’s ass ahead of schedule. 😉

PS: If your version of “kicking 2015’s ass” includes designing a new website (or updating a current one), getting a kickass logo for your company, or maybe crafting some unique-to-you branding for your business… you should really contact Elle. She’s the owner and head designer at PostFilm and she does AMAZING work — she even did my photography business’s branding. Go check her out… you won’t be disappointed.

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