9 Years

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Despite the fact that Nate (jokingly) refuses to acknowledge any anniversary that isn’t our wedding date, today is totally still our anniversary — the first one we ever had. On November 30th, 2005 — 9 years ago today — we started dating. We had met online — on MySpace, in fact — and had spent a week or two hanging out every single night until 5 or 6 in the morning before he “officially” asked me out.

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I instantly knew there was something about him that I loved. We just “clicked”. At the time I had never met anyone from online before — hadn’t even considered it — but I had a good feeling about him. Heck, I almost backed out. We made plans to meet up for a late dinner and I was with some friends beforehand. I told them I was meeting “this guy Nate” later and that I wasn’t sure if I should or not… and, being dudes, they all said “no way, he’s probably some freak”. But when I called him he was so energetic and confident and talkative, I couldn’t resist.

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He came over to my Mom’s house, where I was living at the time (and where we live together now), and I made him Chef Boyardee ravioli. We talked until the wee hours of the morning, about everything imaginable. After that we were inseparable, hanging out every possible moment we could, staying up late, driving between my Mom’s house in Portland his parents’ house in Scarborough, buying candy at gas stations, going on dates downtown. I couldn’t believe that this cute, funny, rockstar of a man (he was in a band at the time) — an OLDER man at that, he’s got 3 years on me — would be interested in my 18-year-old self. But he was, and — lucky me — still is!

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Since then we’ve been on so many adventures together. From his parents’ house in Scarborough to his apartment in Portland to our apartment in Portland to our apartment in Scarborough to our house. We’ve been to Vermont, North Conway, Cincinnati, Washington DC, and Austin, as well as all over New England together. We’ve had countless fights, games of UNO, delicious meals, walks, late nights, and deep conversations. We’ve started a business, thrown parties, adopted the most beautiful puppy, and spent so much time with family. And through it all we’ve loved each other, so much.

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