Product Review! Lush Greeench Deodorant Powder


I am a huge fan of Lush products. I may have squealed when they opened a store in our local mall. I’ve used various lotions, soaps, bath bombs, and other beauty products from them, but this was my first deodorant, and my first ever powdered deodorant. I initially gave it a shot because my good friend JJ works for a Lush store in Philadelphia and when I visited her there were Lush products IN EVERY CORNER OF THE APARTMENT. Seriously. On the windowsill in the bathroom there had to be AT LEAST 10 different products including foot scrub and moisturizer. Insanity.

She had some of the coconut scented deodorant powder and I fell in love. Sadly that scent was discontinued so through my tears I picked out this one instead, called Greeench. Honestly, I am not wild about the scent — the package describes it as “herbal” and that’s pretty accurate. There’s thyme, rosemary, and tea tree oil, and they combine for a very earthy, slightly spicy scent. Personally I prefer to smell more like flowers and/or fruity, tropical scents, so this is very different from my norm.


I am a fairly sweaty person so while the powder is great at immediately soaking up any sweat that’s already happening, I do find that I need to reapply somewhat frequently. It’s definitely not something I could put on in the morning and forget about until the late afternoon or evening. So it’s great if I am just heading out for a couple hours but anything more than that and I start to be able to smell myself. Not awesome. The powder can also be a bit messy so I make sure to put it on BEFORE I put clothes on, especially if I’m wearing something sleeveless and/or dark. But it really does take care of business amazingly well for the time it’s active. I’d give it a 6/10!

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