Save the Bees!


A few months ago — back when it was still green outside! — I found this poor bee taking a rest on one of our lawn chairs. It was that point in the season when it was still fairly warm during the day but would get much cooler much more quickly in the evenings, so I suspected this bee was just warming itself up in the sun and trying to regain some energy. I mixed up a little sugar/water solution and brought it out and the bee seemed happy to lap it up (this just puts the image of a bee with a big, slobbery tongue in my brain which is bizarre in case you’re wondering).

After feasting on sugar water and basking in the sun the bee happily flew off (and apparently told all of their bee friends because later that day we had 3 or 4 more bees asking for some help). I love the bees and I know how important they are to our entire ecosystem. I was happy to do my small part in helping this bee gain the energy to live and thrive another day! I was also happy to whip out my 60mm macro lens and get some photos while the bee was eating. 🙂

DSC_9320 DSC_9374 DSC_9369 DSC_9340 DSC_9331

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