Etsy Loves! #5

Welcome to ETSY LOVES! It seems totally appropriate that this week’s theme is MITTENS, especially since the regular temperature in Maine lately has been fucking freezing with a windchill of holy fuck and a side of FREEZING RAIN since you weren’t chilled quite to the bone yet. Anyways, I love mittens but don’t wear them enough since most of the time if I’m suffering out in the cold it’s for work (which means holding a camera and I need my fingers for that!). But this is a downright adorable selection!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 9.37.51 AM

First row, from left: Thrummed mittens from DubbeleDutch ($62.61) | Scandinavian/vintage inspired mittens from BirdaKnits ($60) | Totoro mittens from annawoolmagic ($49.99) | Aqua and orange mittens from YorkieYarnCrafts ($9.50) | Second row, from left: Hedgehog mittens from JoyceGift ($12.85) | How Cold Is It mittens pattern from DrunkGirlDesigns ($5.50) | Knitted baby mittens from WoollyBudgie ($9.66) | Flamingo mittens pattern from spillyjane ($6) | Third row, from left: Honey Badger Don’t Care mitten pattern from DrunkGirlDesigns ($5.50) | Crochet baby mittens from effybags ($14) | Hedgehog mittens from paintcrochet ($36) | Handmade felted mittens from AtTheDoor ($44.50) | Bottom row, from left: Bear mittens from Pomber ($41.99) | Convertible crochet mittens from Mitreva ($32) | Knit fingerless gloves (I cheated a bit because I love these so much) from MarryGKnitCrochet ($31) | Fox mittens from ArticleApparel ($44)

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