Middle of the Night

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They technically didn’t wake me up last night, but they definitely kept me up. Nothing in particular, really…. just feelings. We fell asleep on the couch watching Nightbreed (totally awesome 90s Clive Barker amazingness with Doug Bradley aka Pinhead playing another weird-ass role) sometime around 9pm (we’re old). I distinctly remember noticing that Nate fell asleep and thinking “ha! amateur” approximately 20 minutes before I fell asleep myself. Oops. We didn’t wake up until 2am which made it a very strange nighttime 5-hour nap. Between feeding the cats (who were apparently ravenous judging by the way they circled my feet like sharks), brushing my teeth, and checking the locks on the doors (oh hi, OCD, so nice to see you at this god-forsaken hour), I was basically wide awake by the time I went upstairs at 2:30am, which gave my mind ample energy to wander.

My go-to show while laying in bed at night is Bob’s Burgers because it is just so perfectly hilarious and nothing bad ever happens and H. Jon Benjamin’s voice can just soothe me to sleep, but it didn’t work last night. I sailed through at least 4 full episodes (punctuated with trips downstairs to get drinks of water because I was hoping in vain that the trips up and down the stairs would somehow tire me out), all the while just thinking about a million different things, not the least of which about how damn uncomfortable every single position I tried was.

I must have fallen asleep close to 4am but not before every single topic and scenario and worry and memory I’ve ever had made its way through my mind.

2 thoughts on “Middle of the Night

  1. Man, I hate when that happens. Part of my brain just keeps repeating “You should have just stayed on the couch..” My neck tries telling it that it will be grateful in the morning sans crick, but to no avail.


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