Product Review! Long Winter Farm Perfume Oil in Sugared Violets


The other night I was wandering along Congress Street with my husband his parents. We had gone to a holiday pottery sale at Portland Pottery and we thought we’d pop into some other stores while we explored. One of the places along our route was Circa Home and Vintage. This place was just beyond adorable — a delightful mix of home decor, toys, jewelry, beauty, and vintage items. We each picked up a few items — my husband actually swooned over a candle, my mother-in-law bought a gift for her niece, and I fell in love with this perfume oil.

I’ve known about Long Winter Farm for a while now — oddly enough, despite them being local (they’re in Alna, Maine!), I first found them via their Etsy shop. I had tried some of their amazing lip balm but never got around to buying anything else. Circa had a whole big display of their items and the centerpiece was their perfume oils, with a sample available for each so you could smell as you go (though they have a TON more scents in their online store!). I loved a bunch of them — Barista and Lumberjack in particular — but Sugared Violets. OH MY GOD. It smells like heaven.

I was skeptical at first. I’ve tried rollerball perfumes before and they never lasted for me. I could smell myself for all of 10 minutes and then they would fade. But I put some of this perfume oil on my neck and wrists while still in the store — yes, I excitedly tore the plastic off while my mother-in-law was being rung up — and I still smelled like sugared violets the next afternoon. Amazingly awesome. And considering they only contain fractionated coconut oil, unrefined hemp seed oil, essential oils, and vitamin E, I give it a 10/10, easy!

One thought on “Product Review! Long Winter Farm Perfume Oil in Sugared Violets

  1. Ooooh man. I’d love a more in-depth review of this scent if you have the time! Is there anything you could compare it to? I’ve been trying to find reviews (specifically for the perfume oils) for this company and it seems like they’re few and far between! Thank you!


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