Etsy Loves! #6

Welcome to ETSY LOVES! This week’s theme is BROOCHES and… man, I definitely need to do more collections on this theme. I had NO problem finding 16 that I totally loved and I know there’s a ton more out there. There’s such an amazing mix of vintage and handmade and I WANT THEM ALL!

Screen Shot 2014-12-09 at 4.54.15 PM

First row, from left: Brass beetle collar brooches from ticktacktick ($23) | Lil Bub brooch from sirenasirena ($12, with a portion being donated to animal rescues and related charities!) | Dwight Schrute acrylic brooch from sweetandlovely ($10) | Breaking Bad brooch from kateslittlestore ($11.27) | Second row, from left: Twin Peaks brooch from kateslittlestore ($8.05) | Raccoon brooch from Dinabijushop ($19) | Wednesday Addams cat brooch from DanielleVGreen ($8) | Ron Swanson brooch from kateslittlestore ($17.70) | Third row, from left: Feminist heart brooch from kateslittlestore ($11.27) | Bee collar brooches from alapopjewelry ($26) | White cat brooch from Dinabijushop ($19) | Cicada brooch from MySelvagedLife ($20) | Bottom row, from left: Vintage intricate bird brooch from JoJosJJs ($20.92) | Lumpy Space Princess brooch from edenki ($8.50) | Tooth brooch from itssimplymax ($5.71) | Enid Ghost World brooch from kateslittlestore ($11.27)

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