Mukow Monday! #7


MUKOW MONDAY! For once this Mukow Monday photo was taken the same day it’s being posted. I’m hoping that this 365 Project means it will happen much more often — I’m 5 days into January and I’ve taken “real” photos (with my camera instead of my phone, OMG) every day so far! Woop!

This was taken out in our snowy yard. It is pretty damn cold today anyway (around 32 degrees right now) but the wind is SO BRUTAL — 25mph winds right now and Mukow is TERRIFIED. Somehow she does fine when she’s outside IN THE WIND (even with branches falling down all around her), but the noise of the wind from inside freaks her out enough that she’s been panting like crazy for the past hour or more. 😦 This was taken when she took a break from crunching up sticks — her ears are back like that because THE WIND WAS FORCING THEM BACK. So damn cute.

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