Etsy Loves! #9

Welcome to ETSY LOVES! This week’s theme is PURPLE, which just happens to be my favorite color. I have purple socks, a purple hoodie, purple nail polish, purple eyeshadow, candles, dresses… yeah. I love it. There are TONS of amazing purple items on Etsy but here’s a few of my favorites…

Screen Shot 2014-12-15 at 2.35.04 PM

First row, from left: Mens wedding band from ChromaColorJewelry ($467.77) | Mix of 20 purple buttons from CherryOakButtons ($1.20) |  Purple glitter shark necklace from Honoloulous ($33.90) | Purple amethyst ring from OhKuol ($52.70) | Second row, from left: Handmade chalk finish paint from UrbanOasisDecor ($32) | Hand crocheted cat sweater from NothinWasted ($24) | Purple galaxy bedding set from Tbedding ($148) | Purple linen dress from camelliatune ($89) | Third row, from left: Purple wig from kekeshop ($49.95) | Eggplant DNA lipstick from DNACosmetics ($8.50) | Wings and feathers scarf from Shovava ($68) | Vintage 1980s purple suede lace up ankle boots from BonTonShop ($63.85) | Bottom row, from left: Purple leather tote from TheLeatherStore ($155) | Purple echevaria succulent from SucculentOasis ($7.99) | Purple galaxy earrings from JujuTreasures ($15) | Rough amethyst points from BijaMalas ($1.50 each)

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