Project 365! Days 1-7

As you may know by now, I am taking part in Project 365 for (hopefully) the duration of 2015. It basically is a project consisting of one goal: take one photo per day for the entire year. It doesn’t need to be anything super special — it could be what you had for lunch, what you wore, something beautiful you saw, the sunrise or sunset, your dog, whatever — and it can be taken with your phone or a camera. I am personally opting to use my camera for this project — I use my phone way too often and it prevents me from taking real, high-quality photos nearly as often as I should. Some days there will be an entire batch of photos (like a few days this year so far where I’ve gone out with the sole purpose of exploring and photographing), and some days there will be just one, reluctantly taken so I can keep up with the project. Either way, I’m enjoying it so much already and it’s only been a week! Here’s a photo from each day so far…

January 1st: My neighbors’ dog,Molly. She is by far Mukow’s best friend in the whole world. They play together almost every day and she loves chewing on Mukow’s toys!


January 2nd: I went on a walk through Evergreen Cemetery in Portland with my Mom and Mukow. It was an awesome winter day — cold but no snow! You can see the full post here.


January 3rd: I really didn’t do anything that day so took a photo of my alligator friend who sits on my calendar. I got him in New Orleans last January. 🙂

January7th (1)

January 4th: I took a solo walk through Calvary Cemetery in South Portland, my first time visiting. It had snowed the night before and it was absolutely gorgeous. You can see the full post here!


January 5th: It was SUPER windy that day — around 25mph at some points. I took Mukow outside and the wind literally pinned her ears back — cutest thing ever!


January 6th: Another random, boring day — I photographed some products I’ll be reviewing soon, including this Sojourn smoothing serum!


January 7th: I almost forgot to take a photo that day, but snuck in this photo of Mukow in her favorite spot in Nate’s room!


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