Product Review! Sojourn Serum Smooth


I initially picked up a bottle of Sojourn Smooth Serum ($24 on Amazon, closer to $16 if you have Amazon Prime) after I got my hair cut super shortmy stylist, Tasha, recommended it to me to keep my hair smooth and silky since I planned to style it naturally (just scrunching it to encourage its natural wave and curl and going on with my day).

My hair is INSANELY thick and has a natural wave to it that tends to get lost when my hair is longer since it’s so weighed down. When I had my hair shorter, it was important to have something that kept my hair smooth and kept the frizz away, especially in the summer months when the humidity tends to poof my hair up even more.


I don’t use it as often anymore (now that my hair is longer) but it’s an awesome product. It has a light, slippery texture and a great smell. Like any smoothing serums, you have to be careful not to over-apply since it will make your hair look and feel greasy… but a little truly does go a long way. I was using this every single day for at least a few months and the bottle is easily still 1/2 – 3/4 full.

When I use it I hop out of the shower, wait for my hair to dry for maybe 10-15 minutes (so it is still quite damp but not sopping wet), and then apply. I put a tiny bit in my palm, maybe the size of a garbanzo bean, and rub it together before running my hands throughout my hair, focusing on the bottom half. When my hair was shorter I’d also scrunch my hair upwards from the bottom and I’d twirl some pieces around my finger to encourage some natural wave. It worked like a charm — I’d end up with manageable, smooth, silky hair with much less frizz. Highly recommended — 10/10!

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