The Same Heart

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I found this recently and it couldn’t ring more true for me. I feel like I’ve spent most of my life being confused and disappointed by this exact concept. It’s been hard for me to realize and to fully accept that everyone thinks, feels, and acts differently.

There’s going to be times in life when I care more about someone than they do about me. Plain and simple. But there’s not much worse in this world than having unreciprocated love, even if it’s in the form of friendship. There’s going to be times when I put in more effort than someone else. When my “effort” and their “effort” don’t match in the slightest. When I feel ignored and cast aside. There’s going to be time after time after time when I have no idea WHAT someone’s feeling. When they have trouble conveying their emotions, or I have trouble interpreting them, and we’re on opposite pages, or in entirely different books altogether.

But it’s hard to accept that not everyone has the same feelings about life that you do. Not everyone values the same things. Not everyone has the same standards for love or friendship. There’s going to be times when people say or do things to me that make me shake my head in disbelief because I could never imagine doing that to someone — and they’re going to walk on as if it didn’t even make them flinch. There’s going to be times when the walls of miscommunication become so high that they can’t be climbed over and I’ll have to give up on people, for both of our best interests and to spare myself further heartache.

I think the biggest lesson that I’ve attempted to learn — and am very much still in the process of learning — is that this discrepancy shouldn’t prevent me from continuing to think and be and love the way that I think and be and love. It shouldn’t make me cower in fear, it shouldn’t make me hesitate with my emotions, it shouldn’t make me dull who I am in any way. It’s a fact of life that will never change and no matter how painful and confusing it can be, it’s necessary to tread through for a life worth living.

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