Etsy Loves! #10

Welcome to ETSY LOVES! This week’s theme is CARAMEL and it is SO DELICIOUS. I just gathered this curated list at night, shortly after dinner, and I am currently so sad that there’s no caramel in the house. I suppose I’ll have to settle for eating Nutella with a spoon.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 8.27.00 PM

First row, from left: Gluten free caramel turtle brownies from TheFlourGarden ($17.95 for 8) | Caramel and chocolate dipped pretzels from CraftinInTheKitchen ($10 for a 1/2 pound) | Pecan turtle chocolate caramel apple from BigBearChocolates ($7.99) | Salted caramel soap from SweetClementineSoaps ($5.25) | Second row, from left: Caramel latte bath bomb from GlowBodyandSoul ($4) | Caramel popcorn vegan lip balm from SuzyScentShop ($3.75) | Spiced caramel pepita marshmallows from ZumZumZ (prices vary) | Toffee caramel brownies from crumbtastic ($12.50 for 6) | Third row, from left: Caramel macchiato soy candle from CopperandKraftCandle ($6.75) | Salted caramel lollipop from SweetCarolineConfect ($9 for 6) | Handmade caramel sauce from SomethingCaramel ($8) | Salted caramel charm necklace from Sweetnsavorytrinkets ($8) | Bottom row, from left: Fleur de sel chocolate caramels from calabasascandyco ($5 for a 1/4 pound) | Sweet cream caramel perfume from TheParlorApothecary ($38) | Salted caramel marshmallows from ZukrBoutique ($8.66 for 6) | Sea salted caramels from CraftinInTheKitchen ($20 for 6)

2 thoughts on “Etsy Loves! #10

  1. Thanks for including us Justine! I know just how you feel when you have a craving that can’t be satisfied. The other night my husband and I wanted some chocolate with peanut butter and I found myself tempering a pound of the dark stuff at 1:30 am…


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