Project 365! Days 8-14

I’m proud to say that I’m 15 days into Project 365 and I’ve taken at least one photograph (usually much more, though) every day! I’m trying to stay realistic — winter is a slow time for me so it’s fairly easy to keep up. I’m hoping that when my busy season kicks in I am able to stay as dedicated. Anyways, here’s days 8-14!

January 8th: I’m currently reading this awesome book — The Dead Roam the Earth by Alasdair Wickham. It’s all about paranormal activity in many different parts of the world — demons, hauntings, possessions, liminal creatures… it’s great.


January 9th: We played out in the yard, per usual! This photo probably won’t crack anyone else up as much as it’s cracking me up, but it’s a good representation of how crazy Mukow gets when she plays with these sprigs of pine needles. She LOVES them. She’ll pounce on them crazily and whips them in the air with her mouth. It is hilarious and I took a bunch of photos when she was doing it (and now I’m cracking up looking back through them).


January 10th: It was a WEE bit cold aaaaand the leaves in the front yard were frozen. Oof.


January 11th: All three of us went for a walk in Portland’s Evergreen Cemetery, which was even more gorgeous in the snow. I fell absolutely in love with this headstone — it was like a blue gem in a sea of gray and white.


January 12th: Mukow and I explored the nearby Bailey Cemetery (which is said to be haunted) — photos coming tomorrow. 🙂


January 13th: I took a walk down the street with Mukow and ventured through an odd little path in the woods. We got a little past this point — right when the woods were about to break — but Mukow would NOT let us go any further. So odd. It’s kind of a weird spot and I’m not really sure what would have been up ahead, so now I am itching to go back!


January 14th: I met up for coffee with my brother, Gray, at Tandem Coffee Roasters! He’s damn awesome. We got to chat for a couple hours and I enjoyed some delicious herbal tea and a jalapeño-cheddar biscuit (nom).


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