Etsy Loves! #11

Welcome to ETSY LOVES! This week’s theme is MOUSE PADS! As you can imagine there’s about a zillion options for mouse pads out there. Not so much varying in shape (they’re all either rectangular or circular and for good reason) but in pattern, color, and design? The options are endless. For me, I look at my mouse pad every single day. My job as well as my passion projects revolve around the computer so it’s where I am anywhere from 4-10 hours per day. I wouldn’t dream of having a boring, black mouse pad… mine happens to be covered in cats. 🙂 Here’s some other awesome options for you…

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 4.31.46 PM

First row, from left: Kitten face mouse pad from SSKDesigns ($14) | Vintage flower mouse pad from SugarGiraffe ($12) | Purple dahlias mousepad from Laa766 ($9.75) | Citron yellow and gray chevron from SSKDesigns ($14) | Second row, from left: Ziggy chevron from Laa766 ($9.75) | DIY Totoro mouse pad from fengzhongqiyuan ($10) | Cat mouse pad from BENWINEWIN ($11) | Modern triangle from SSKDesigns ($14) | Third row, from left: Dark floral mouse pad from littlehawthorne ($10.25) | Geometric color from SugarGiraffe ($12) | Trippy cat mouse pad from Memeskins ($10.86) | Hexagon mouse pad from feltplanet ($18) | Ice cream sprinkles mouse pad from hhprint ($9.99) | Paintbox water color mouse pad from PepsiCarola ($9.99) | Moon mouse pad from BestOfferEver ($7.50) | Watercolor triangles mouse pad from littlehawthorne ($11.99)

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