Project 365! Days 15-21

Pretty happy that this past week was a productive one all around. I got out of the house a ton, photographed my first wedding of the year, and stayed on top of this project almost perfectly. I did miss one day — Tuesday the 20th. I remember going outside with Mukow and almost grabbing my camera but thinking no, we’ll only be outside for a few minutes… should have just done it! I didn’t end up doing anything outside of the house all day and completely missed my chance. I didn’t even realize it until Wednesday morning — I checked my camera in hopes that I photographed SOMETHING, but… alas. I am trying not to feel too guilty about it. I’ve got 21/22 days complete and that’s pretty damn awesome! So here’s this week’s photos…

January 15th: I took a short walk with Mukow into one of the nearby neighborhoods — I was on the search for a cemetery I could see from the bottom of our street. But I couldn’t figure out how to get to it so we headed home.


January 16th: I tried to get some ASMR audio recordings up and decided to record myself reading some short stories — “Dagon” from H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon was up first. But then I got nervous about copyright infringement and took it down. :/


January 17th: I photographed Kerry & Alex’s wedding, my first of the year! It was at Portland’s Ocean Gateway and it was amazing. Lots of love, a super fun wedding party, a gorgeous view, and we survived the 16 degree temperatures for some awesome outdoor portraits.


January 18th: I met up with my good friend Kim and we headed to Western Cemetery to explore. It’s beautiful and has lots of old tombstones but it’s notorious for being neglected by the city and has so many broken headstones — it was pretty sad. It’s also supposed to have lots of paranormal activity — the most active cemetery in Portland. We didn’t experience anything… this time!


January 19th: I spent some time outside with Mukow AND had a photo shoot with my hair stylist — she wanted to do something creative with a couple models and it was awesome. But I also tried to find that elusive cemetery again and realized it’s the nearby Mount Sinai Cemetery, which I’ve been to before. I stopped on my way home and popped in with my headphones and my camera. I had fun exploring in the beautiful sunset light until I noticed two dudes digging a grave. I’m plenty morbid but… that freaked me out a little bit.


January 20th: MISSED IT! Wah. 😥

January 21st: I spent around an hour outside with Mukow and her neighbor/best friend Molly — they had fun playing with a squeaky bone together (which they later destroyed).


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