Mysterious Path

A couple weeks ago I went for a walk in our neighborhood with Mukow. It was SUPER cold and snowy, but a gorgeous day…

DSC_2399 DSC_2400 DSC_2403

We soon got to the end of the street and I remembered this odd little path, so I thought we’d explore where it leads…

DSC_2405 DSC_2406 DSC_2407 DSC_2410 DSC_2412 DSC_2414 DSC_2423 DSC_2425

We got to an opening in the trees and bushes and Mukow absolutely refused to go any further.


It was a little weird, actually. She is sometimes hesitant to continue if the snow is high, if there’s something in her way, another dog/person, etc… but there was nothing that I could see that would stop her. I tried pulling her a few times but she just dug into the snow with all of her weight and refused to budge. When I looked back at her after a few tries she was cowering behind me, shaking, with one of her front paws tucked against her body. I’m not one to ignore my dog’s instinct, so we turned back. I thought that maybe she was cold — I had recently read about dogs lifting their paws up when they’re too cold — but the second we turned around she was happy as a clam, tail up and wagging and back to sniffing everything around her. So weird…

DSC_2435 DSC_2438 DSC_2440 DSC_2443

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