Etsy Loves! #12

Welcome to ETSY LOVES! This week’s theme is GINKGO! Apparently this is an insanely commonly misspelled word — I myself thought it was GINGKO at first until the amazing Google corrected me. Oops. Apparently almost all of the species are extinct except the one we know, the ginkgo biloba — only found in the wild in China but cultivated across the world. It is considered a symbol of longevity (the trees have been known to live for 2,000 years), hope, resilience, and peace. Personally I am also just in love with the look and shape of the leaves — so gorgeous. I’ve only ever seen a handful of ginkgo biloba trees in my lifetime (a couple of which right here in Portland) and the leaves are just so stunning. In the fall they turn the brightest, most gorgeous shade of bright yellow — amazing!

Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 3.44.10 PM

First row, from left: Ginkgo leaf rubber stamp from norajane ($3.50) | Ceramic tiles from HollandCeramics ($3.52) | Sage green ginkgo leaf earrings from blockpartypress ($25) | Ginkgo leaves moleskine from shoofly ($16) | Second row, from left: Ginkgo wedding table numbers from jenAitchison ($22.50 for 10) | Wall decal from ShaNickersWallDecals ($43) | Ginkgo leaf cuff from oneworlddesign ($125) | Ginkgo leaf texture mat from claylady43 ($8.95) | Third row, from left: Sterling silver earrings from HeliconiaJewelry ($30) | Melon ginkgo tonga batik from scruffyquilts ($11.99) | Ginkgo flight 8×10 print from annamagruder ($35) | Wedding photo album from WatermarkBindery ($46) | Bottom row, from left: Verdigris ginkgo leaf earrings from GypsyTribeJewelry ($30) | Ginkgo leaf gold/silver brooch pin from GrlTalk ($9) | Gold ginkgo Marimekko pillow cover from mummiquilts ($30) | Ginkgo leaf watercolor print from SeasideStudiosUK ($30.92)

4 thoughts on “Etsy Loves! #12

  1. Awesome, thanks for including my earrings! I know what you mean about the misspelling. I include both spellings in my listing because it is so common. Lovely blog 🙂


    1. Thank you so much! Yes, I had just assumed it was gingko… it just seemed to make sense. But when I Googled it realized how wrong I was. 😉 Almost every listing had it either spelled incorrectly or had the alternate spelling included! Lovely shop, thanks for visiting. 🙂


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