Project 365! Days 22-28

Another damn awesome week! This is the most I’ve ever consecutively taken my camera out for fun, personal photos and it’s becoming like second nature for me, which was my goal. I’m really hoping I’m able to make it enough of a habit that it sticks with me in the busy months (when I am doing much more “work” photography). Here’s my week summed up!

January 22nd: Mom, Mukow, and I went for a walk around Mackworth Island in Falmouth. It was CRAZY cold but I’m glad we stuck with it — we made it around the entire perimeter of the island (about 1.25 miles). The views are stunning all around and it’s a great place for dogs! We even found a tiny pet cemetery in the middle — set up by Percival Baxter, it’s home to 14 of his faithful Irish Setters and 1 horse. Awesome!


January 23rd: My friend Devon and I went on a cemetery tour around Windham — we managed to hit 6 different cemeteries and had an awesome time taking photos and exploring!


January 24th: It snowed for a while — big, fat, fluffy flakes — and I ended up taking Mukow to Baxter Woods for a walk. It was just as gorgeous as I hoped!


January 25th: I did a boudoir marathon day at my studio! I had 4 gorgeous ladies come in for mini sessions — with hair & makeup by Jessica Candage — and it was a total success.


January 26th: Didn’t do much except play outside with Mukow — she’s a bad ass.


January 27th: If you didn’t hear (impossible, I think the entire world knows), there was a bit of a storm in New England called Juno. We didn’t get hit very hard, honestly — the visibility was shitty if you were driving but I hardly know anyone who did since tons of businesses were shut down for the day. It was fun to have a “snow day” (most of my winter days are snow days but it was fun to have Nate home!) and Mukow LOVED IT.


January 28th: Another day spent at home — just played outside with Mukow and admired the gorgeous winter sky.


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