My First Attempt at the Scotch Tape Method!

I am (slowly but surely) becoming more interested in things like making my nails look pretty. In all honesty, I am normally too impatient for such a thing. I am artistic and creative and I love looking good, but nail polish can take SO LONG to try, and I have to basically do nothing until it’s fully set otherwise I mess up what I’ve painstakingly created, and… it’s frustrating. If the polish was guaranteed to fully dry in 5 minutes I’d be trying something new every day.

Anyways, I’ve attempted one version of the Scotch tape method a couple times now — the one where you paint your nails, apply Scotch tape to make various shapes, and then paint a second color over it, let it dry, and peel the Scotch tape off to reveal your awesomeness. I am still working out the kinks because the first time was slightly messy/off, but the second time was a hot mess. Seems I’m moving in the wrong direction, eh?

Thankfully Kaylah of The Dainty Squid posts frequently about her nail art skills (and she is SERIOUSLY skilled), and she posted a second version of the Scotch tape method. I attempted it and it actually came out beautifully — I was so thrilled!


It certainly wasn’t perfect but it came out way better than I reasonably expected. The basic steps that I followed:

  1. I chose a base color. I ended up with Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Sparkling Water (I had recently purchased it from Target but you can grab it on Amazon for $4.99) — it’s a sparkling turquoise color (it looks more blue in these photos but in real life you can see more of the subtle green shades). This one dries super quickly so I was thrilled!
  2. Before I started applying said base color, I got to work on painting the Scotch tape. I kept the tape on the dispenser and just painted the bit of tape between the jagged edge and the base of the tape. I chose a shimmery gold — Sephora by OPI in Keep Me on My Mistletoes — and did 4-5 coats. I didn’t wait for each coat to dry 100%… I would just do a coat, wait a couple minutes, do another coat, etc.
  3. Once the Scotch tape was all painted, I did my base coat. I ended up doing just 2 coats — it’s pretty pigmented so I didn’t need much, though I could have done another coat or two for a richer color.
  4. I waited for the base coat to dry, and it’s crucial to make sure it’s TOTALLY dry before you begin with the tape. My husband was in the middle of a James Bond marathon so I just got distracted with that for a bit in between checking my nails.
  5. Once my nails were dry I peeled the tape off the dispenser and started in. I just cut each shape as I went and, if you can’t tell, I just did random shapes/combinations, sticking with triangles since they were the easiest to cut. I applied each one as I went, simply laying it sticky side down on my nail and moving it into place if necessary. Make sure you cut the shape the correct size to fit the nail, otherwise you’ll have overlap!
  6. Once the shapes were all in place where I wanted them, I applied a coat of Seche Vite — this stuff is THE BEST topcoat I’ve ever used. It dries insanely fast and it makes your nails glossy and beautiful.


All in all, pretty happy with it! There’s pretty much endless combinations of colors and shapes so I am excited to try out some more. 🙂

Beauty Haul!


I explored the Sephora in the Cambridgeside Galleria Mall today and picked up quite a haul — I couldn’t resist! OCC Lip Tar, Make Up For Ever Redefining Red, Hourglass Opaque Rouge, Deborah Lippmann nail polish, Blinc Mascara, Sephora Cream Lip Stain, Naked Beauty Balm, and Too Faced Bulletproof 24-Hour Eyeliner. Bam!