Mayberry Cemetery | Windham, Maine

A while back my friend Devon and I explored some cemeteries around Windham, Maine. One of the spots on our route was Mayberry Cemetery. As usual I couldn’t find a whole ton of information on it, but it was an interesting one — lots of newer graves (within the past 15-20 years or so) but some old ones as well. It’s always odd to me when cemeteries are snuggled right in between houses — there were houses on either side of it and one directly across the street. But it was a fun one to explore.

DSC_5907 DSC_5908 DSC_5911 DSC_5912 DSC_5913 DSC_5914 DSC_5915 DSC_5917 DSC_5918 DSC_5925 DSC_5928 DSC_5931 DSC_5932 DSC_5933 DSC_5934 DSC_5936 DSC_5937 DSC_5938 DSC_5942 DSC_5943 DSC_5945 DSC_5946 DSC_5948 DSC_5949 DSC_5950

Chute Cemetery | Windham, Maine

Also known as Chute Road Cemetery, it’s said to be haunted by the ghosts of two young girls who died nearby. No one seems sure of the exact story but it’s said that they possibly fell into a defunct well or mine shaft. They are supposed to have two tombstones in the cemetery but we didn’t see them, strangely enough — nor did we see their spirits who have been spotted playing on the road nearby.

There’s all kinds of construction taking place surrounding the cemetery, so we approached it from the main road (Chute Rd), but supposedly there’s a smaller dirt road that leads right to it. It looks so odd sitting back from the road, surrounded by dirt piles and partially constructed homes. It’s a truly tiny cemetery, with less than 20 marked graves in the fenced off area (but possibly more, marked or unmarked, in the land surrounding it). It’s a fascinating place.

Little cemetery, all by its lonesome…

DSC_5805 DSC_5806

One of the two large monuments…


A smaller, fenced in section behind it…

DSC_5808 DSC_5809 DSC_5810 DSC_5811Devon doin’ her thing…


Both of the memorials had lengthy inscriptions…

DSC_5813 DSC_5814 DSC_5815 DSC_5816 DSC_5817 DSC_5820 DSC_5821 DSC_5822

The view from inside the cemetery…


The whole thing was so tiny!

DSC_5825 DSC_5830

Western Cemetery | Portland, Maine

This past weekend my good friend Kim and I set out to explore Western Cemetery in Portland! The land was acquired by the city in 1829 and later expanded to its current size of 12 acres, and it was an active cemetery up until 1910. Sadly it’s notorious for desecrations, damage, and disorganization… there are a shocking number of broken headstones, some graffiti, and the whole layout just seems random and haphazard. From July 1st, 1988 to August 1st, 1989 there were an estimated 1,942 tombs desecrated, which is just… staggering. Apparently it is unknown exactly how many people are buried there, though it’s estimated at around 6,600. There’s a section of the cemetery known as the Old Catholic Ground which consists of primarily Irish Catholic immigrants. There were around 900 people buried in this section from 1843 to 1882, but today less than 60 headstones remain. Because of all of this general unrest this cemetery is known for its paranormal activity — there’s supposedly lots of very unhappy spirits resting (or, rather, not resting) there. We didn’t experience anything too odd… this time.


Many of the headstones were completely buried…

DSC_4737 DSC_4740 DSC_4742

Kim being adorable…

DSC_4745 DSC_4748 DSC_4749 DSC_4751 DSC_4752 DSC_4754 DSC_4757 DSC_4761 DSC_4763 DSC_4765 DSC_4772 DSC_4775 DSC_4777 DSC_4781

I was both creeped out and intrigued by the hole in this tomb…

DSC_4784 DSC_4787 DSC_4788 DSC_4792 DSC_4794 DSC_4796 DSC_4797 DSC_4798 DSC_4803 DSC_4805 DSC_4811

Also freaked out by the apparent scratches on this headstone…

DSC_4816 DSC_4817 DSC_4819 DSC_4825

This one looked like two headstones sort of mashed together…


Someone laid a branch down on this grave…

DSC_4833 DSC_4845 DSC_4846

Bailey Cemetery in the Snow

Last week I took Mukow on a walk and we decided (yes, this was a collective decision) to explore a cemetery that is right around the corner from us. We cut through the parking lot of the nearby school and up the hill to the cemetery. I couldn’t find much information about it online outside of it supposedly having a Colonial history and many unmarked and neglected graves. One site I looked at said there were 189 interments there, but there is nowhere near 189 graves there now (and I can’t even imagine 189 burial plots fitting into this tiny space), so… I’m not sure what’s up with that.

It’a also supposedly haunted, which I guess shouldn’t come as a surprise. I hadn’t looked up any haunting info before we went, but we did have a somewhat odd experience. We went in the front gate and walked straight up the middle and into the back right corner. I took some photos and Mukow sniffed around and then I attempted to take her back down the center so we could see some more… but she downright refused. She would sit down with all of her weight and wouldn’t let me pull her. So I loosened up and let her lead us, and she would very quickly take us back to the far right corner. This went on 3 or 4 times before I gave up and lead her across the back fence and into the far left corner, and she was fine with that, but looked nervously at that middle path. She allowed us to walk down the left fence and out of the cemetery. After I got home and looked up some information, it seems like the grave with the most paranormal activity is Charles Howard’s, right around the middle of the cemetery. Eep. I can’t help but think that Mukow sensed something there and didn’t want to walk by it again.

DSC_2301 DSC_2302 DSC_2303 DSC_2304 DSC_2306 DSC_2307 DSC_2308 DSC_2309 DSC_2310 DSC_2311 DSC_2312 DSC_2316 DSC_2317 DSC_2320 DSC_2323 DSC_2324 DSC_2326 DSC_2329 DSC_2332 DSC_2334 DSC_2336 DSC_2338 DSC_2342 DSC_2343 DSC_2344 DSC_2346 DSC_2347 DSC_2348 DSC_2349 DSC_2353 DSC_2356 DSC_2366 DSC_2368 DSC_2369 DSC_2371 DSC_2375 DSC_2376 DSC_2378 DSC_2379 DSC_2380 DSC_2384 DSC_2386 DSC_2388 DSC_2389 DSC_2390 DSC_2391 DSC_2393

Evergreen Cemetery in the Snow

We took Mukow to Evergreen Cemetery in Portland the other day — it was FREEZING cold but she needed some exercise and we’ve been trying to get out more this winter. It was a gray, cloudy day and we ventured into parts of the cemetery I hadn’t seen before. I love going on walks with all three of us — I get to show Nate some cool places (he had never been to Evergreen before!) and he holds the leash so I can take photos. 😉

DSC_2170 DSC_2171 DSC_2172 DSC_2173 DSC_2174 DSC_2175 DSC_2176 DSC_2177 DSC_2178 DSC_2180 DSC_2182 DSC_2185

Oh hi, cutest puppy.

DSC_2187 DSC_2188 DSC_2189 DSC_2190 DSC_2192 DSC_2195 DSC_2198 DSC_2199 DSC_2200 DSC_2203 DSC_2204 DSC_2205 DSC_2208 DSC_2211 DSC_2212 DSC_2216 DSC_2219 DSC_2221 DSC_2223 DSC_2225 DSC_2226 DSC_2227 DSC_2229 DSC_2230 DSC_2231 DSC_2232 DSC_2233 DSC_2237 DSC_2242 DSC_2243 DSC_2245 DSC_2247 DSC_2250 DSC_2251 DSC_2253 DSC_2255 DSC_2256 DSC_2258 DSC_2260 DSC_2262 DSC_2263 DSC_2265 DSC_2268 DSC_2274 DSC_2276 DSC_2279 DSC_2282 DSC_2285 DSC_2288 DSC_2290 DSC_2291 DSC_2295 DSC_2296

Calvary Cemetery in the Snow

One of my unofficial goals for 2015 is to visit a bunch of new-to-me cemeteries. It won’t be hard since I haven’t been to a ton, which is a shame because I LOVE them. But since I am trying to be more adventurous and independent and taking my camera everywhere I go, the conditions are perfect!

Yesterday I visited Calvary Cemetery in South Portland. It had snowed all Saturday night and into Sunday morning, so it was absolutely gorgeous — the roads were plowed a bit and there were some small paths but it was largely untouched snow. I put my boots on, bundled up, grabbed my headphones, and headed off. The front of the cemetery is mostly newer graves which aren’t as interesting to me, but the further back you go the older they are. I couldn’t find a ton of information about this cemetery, but it seemed to have a large number of Italian names. It was really beautiful and peaceful — the snow plus the cold temperature meant I only saw two other people during my hour-long walk. There were lots of beautiful trees and a duck pond as well as a bridge (which was barricaded on Sunday, unfortunately). Now for the photos!

DSC_1830 DSC_1831 DSC_1834 DSC_1835 DSC_1837 DSC_1838 DSC_1839 DSC_1841 DSC_1842 DSC_1843 DSC_1844 DSC_1849 DSC_1851 DSC_1852 DSC_1853 DSC_1854 DSC_1857 DSC_1858 DSC_1859 DSC_1861 DSC_1862 DSC_1864 DSC_1866 DSC_1867 DSC_1868 DSC_1869 DSC_1870 DSC_1872 DSC_1873 DSC_1874 DSC_1875 DSC_1876 DSC_1877 DSC_1878 DSC_1880 DSC_1881 DSC_1882 DSC_1883 DSC_1884 DSC_1885 DSC_1886 DSC_1887 DSC_1888 DSC_1889 DSC_1890 DSC_1892 DSC_1893 DSC_1896 DSC_1898 DSC_1899 DSC_1901 DSC_1903 DSC_1908 DSC_1909 DSC_1911 DSC_1912 DSC_1915 DSC_1916 DSC_1917 DSC_1918 DSC_1920 DSC_1922 DSC_1923 DSC_1925 DSC_1926 DSC_1927 DSC_1929 DSC_1930 DSC_1931 DSC_1932 DSC_1933 DSC_1934 DSC_1935 DSC_1936 DSC_1938 DSC_1939 DSC_1941 DSC_1942 DSC_1943 DSC_1944

Cemetery Walk

Yesterday, despite the 20 degree temperature, I thought it would be nice to take a walk through nearby Evergreen Cemetery with Mukow, and invited my Mom along, too. It’s one of my favorite places to walk in Portland which might seem a bit morbid, but… it’s just so peaceful! It’s got 239 acres of land (the largest cemetery in the state — currently only 110 of those acres are being used for cemetery-related activities). There’s an estimate 60-70,000 people interred in the cemetery, including Frank Fixaris and Charles Goddard, as well as many lieutenants, generals, and congressmen. It was established in 1855 so there’s lots of very old graves — it’s fascinating to think of the history.

It’s a popular spot for walking and bringing your dog, and there’s a large pond towards the back where you’ll see duck and geese in the warmer months, as well as many winding trails surrounding it, including ones where you can let your dog off-leash. Pretty awesome. Yesterday, despite being cold, was a pretty perfect day — slightly stormy skies and hardly anyone else there to disturb us.

DSC_1249 DSC_1250 DSC_1251 DSC_1253 DSC_1255 DSC_1257 DSC_1261 DSC_1262 DSC_1264 DSC_1265 DSC_1269 DSC_1275 DSC_1278 DSC_1281 DSC_1283 DSC_1284 DSC_1288 DSC_1290 DSC_1292 DSC_1294 DSC_1297 DSC_1302 DSC_1303 DSC_1305 DSC_1307 DSC_1308 DSC_1309 DSC_1310 DSC_1312 DSC_1314 DSC_1315 DSC_1317 DSC_1318 DSC_1320 DSC_1321 DSC_1322 DSC_1325 DSC_1326 DSC_1327 DSC_1328 DSC_1329 DSC_1330 DSC_1332 DSC_1336 DSC_1342 DSC_1345 DSC_1346 DSC_1348 DSC_1349 DSC_1350 DSC_1355 DSC_1357 DSC_1359