Dumb and Dumber and… Me?


Apparently the result of seeing Dumb and Dumber as I scrolled through Netflix and desperately wanting to watch it stuck in my brain last night, because I dreamt about Jim Carrey (Lloyd) AND Jeff Daniels (Harry). Nothing sexual, thank god — that would have completely destroyed 12-year-old me — but Jeff Daniels was some kind of wise old professor/natural supplement guru and was counseling me on my hypochondria and letting me sample things like green tea tablets and mango-infused water and then I ran off with Jim Carrey with all intentions set on marrying him because he made me laugh so much. Weirdness.

Alton and I

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 7.45.31 AM

I totally just woke up from a dream where I was hanging out in a dingy 1-bedroom apartment with Alton Brown. I blame all of the hullabaloo on Facebook yesterday about him exploring around Portland. In the dream, the apartment had previously been my Mom’s but somehow we ended up with it, though it was unclear if I was living in the apartment with Alton or if he was just visiting for the day. It was raining outside and we realized that the window was leaking, but not before it completely soaked a corner of the bedroom. Alton immediately produced some tools to fix it (out of thin air) and asked me to step back while he took an electric saw to the window (makes total sense) and I took the opportunity to fetch some kind of delicious, chocolatey layer bar from the fridge and gorge myself on it while he worked away. Weird.