Mukow-ism #1

In case you didn’t know, Mukow (pronounced moo-cow) is our dog. We adopted her in late July this year when she was but a wee pup of 12 weeks, and she’s the greatest. I know you might correct me by saying that YOUR dog is the greatest, but… you would be wrong. She already secured that title (even if your dog is older). She’s a lab, possibly mixed with border collie, and she’s the cutest damn thing ever. See below for proof.


Yeah. I told you. Anyways, she has lots of interesting personality quirks. Today’s quirk? I took her on a quick walk (quick because it’s approximately 1 degree with 80mph winds… I mean, I’m no scientist, but that’s now it feels) and saw that there was a pair of shoes on the side of the road. They looked brand new and I knew they hadn’t been there the day before. My reaction? Slight puzzlement and curiosity. Mukow’s reaction? Walk in a WIDE half-circle around the shoes to guarantee that they wouldn’t come near her body, and then angry bark-growl at them from a couple feet ahead (while looking over her shoulder at them). Theories: 1) She was angry and disgusted at the style of shoe. 2) She’s concerned for the person who will no doubt lose their brand new shoes to the hooligans in this neighborhood. 3) She’s ultra perceptive and those shoes belong to a burglar or murderer (or both) who very neatly left them by the side of the road so as not to damage them while running away after their crime in the night. All pretty sound, I think.