Mukow Monday! #13


A few days ago Mukow was paid a visit by her friend Ellie, who lives down the street. She hadn’t seen Ellie in quite a while so she was INSANELY EXCITED to play. Ellie loves the snow just about as much as Mukow so they had a blast running around, tackling each other, leaping in the air, and rolling down snow banks (okay, that was mostly Ellie). 🙂

Mukow Monday! #12


My favorite parts of this photo, in no particular order: 1) Mukow’s distracted gaze, most likely because she was looking intently at her Molly’s house. 2) Her paw with her toes all spread out so you can see her puppy webs. 3) The disgusting clump of unidentified fuzz, sticks, and debris that she was IN LOVE WITH (and that I had to bury DEEP in the snow before she would leave it alone). 4) Her snowy snout. 5) That white chest! Swoon. 🙂

Mukow Monday! #11


It’s snowing again today and, as you can see, Mukow loves it. We took her outside for some play time earlier but it was only 3 degrees with wind whipping the snow around sooo it only took about 10 minutes before my face was completely numb. No fun. But this cute little hopping dog makes up for it. 🙂

Mukow Monday! #10


Probably the first photo I’ve ever taken of Mukow looking like a grizzled badass. She gets pretty serious about that toy (which is now only 60% there since she’s ripped pieces of it off), and I just happened to catch her at the right moment. LOVE IT. We’re hunkering down for the SNOWPOCALYPSE so, ya know, hopefully I’ll see y’all on the other side (if our house doesn’t cave in from the 10 feet of snow we’re getting).

Mukow Monday! #9


Yay it’s MUKOW MONDAY! This photo was taken today — about 30 minutes ago, actually. It’s 39 degrees and between the higher temperature and the all-day-and-all-night rain, there’s actually mud peeking through the snow. MUD! I never thought I’d be so happy to see it but there it is. I’m trying to remind myself that it’s still January and this is most likely a cruel trick to get me ready for spring before being plunged back into a cold, icy existence, but… the high temps are around 30 degrees all week and that’s okay with me.

We had fun playing outside for about 45 minutes which was great because Mukow loves — LOVES — the snow. And playing. And being outside. And watching the squirrels who were just hopping from tree to tree above us. Awesome. 🙂

Mukow Monday! #8

DSC_2329 (1)

This was taken on our snowy walk today! I was testing out my new Sorel Joan of Arctic boots (which rocked my face off, by the way) and this pup was all too happy to trek around in the snow. We headed just a couple streets over to Bailey Cemetery (photos coming soon!) which was completely untouched and she had an awesome time sniffing, well, EVERY SINGLE THING SHE COULD REACH. The cemetery is supposedly haunted so it looks like I’ll be returning soon!

Mukow Monday! #7


MUKOW MONDAY! For once this Mukow Monday photo was taken the same day it’s being posted. I’m hoping that this 365 Project means it will happen much more often — I’m 5 days into January and I’ve taken “real” photos (with my camera instead of my phone, OMG) every day so far! Woop!

This was taken out in our snowy yard. It is pretty damn cold today anyway (around 32 degrees right now) but the wind is SO BRUTAL — 25mph winds right now and Mukow is TERRIFIED. Somehow she does fine when she’s outside IN THE WIND (even with branches falling down all around her), but the noise of the wind from inside freaks her out enough that she’s been panting like crazy for the past hour or more. 😦 This was taken when she took a break from crunching up sticks — her ears are back like that because THE WIND WAS FORCING THEM BACK. So damn cute.

Mukow Monday! #6


Mukow Monday!!! This is from just a week or two ago. We gave her one of her Christmas presents early — an electric blue rubbery “stick” that was advertised as having a desired level of “erratic bouncing” because apparently that’s a thing (made by KONG, $13.99 on Amazon, closer to $8.50 if you have Amazon Prime). She is IN LOVE with it, and once or twice tried to lunge and grab it out of Nate’s hands!