Project 365! Days 29-35

A great week, but much less productive! I’ll be honest, I’m getting a little tired of the snow. It feels like we’re just getting slammed with it nonstop and it can be really discouraging. Nate’s had to snowblow several times this week and it’s just no longer fun to wake up to snow gently falling — no matter how beautiful it still looks! We woke up this morning to more snow and while tomorrow is forecast to be clear, we’ve got another few days of snow coming up (totaling anywhere up to 2 feet) and… I just can’t. I recently realized that since the snow is now piled up in HUGE banks on the sides of the road, it’s really tough for me to explore local cemeteries since hardly any of them — especially the small ones, but even some of the bigger ones — have dedicated parking, and it’s almost impossible to pull over without your car taking up half of the lane. SIGH! Anyways, enough of my complaining, here’s some photos from the past week!

January 29th: My Mom and I tried to hit some local cemeteries but, as mentioned above, had a really hard time parking at most of them. We had to skip by 3 or 4 before we finally found Blanchard Cemetery in Falmouth. Somehow the snow had managed to drift away from the road so we could pull over — there were even spots in the cemetery where grass was peeking through (amazing considering there were other banks of snow that came up to mid-thigh on me!). It was awesome — I can’t wait to go back so we can explore the whole thing!


January 30th: Didn’t do much except play with Mukow outside! Oh yeah, and woke up to my car covered in snow… again.


January 31st: I received my Instagram prints from Artifact Uprising JUST IN TIME to start fulfilling my New Year’s resolution of having photos printed every month! I chose 25 of my favorites and had them printed off — they arrived super quickly and they look amazing. I can’t wait to hang them on the walls.


February 1st: I did a couples shoot with a 2012 couple of mine, and then we went to Nate’s parents’ house for our annual Superbowl party! Honestly, none of us really care about football (except maybe his dad)… we just love the food. 😉 Here’s Gunnar, my sister-in-law’s dog, enjoying herself.


February 2nd: More outside time with Mukow, who is LOVING all of the snow!


February 3rd: Yes… more outside time. This is The Bengal waiting patiently (kind of) to be let back inside. He spends most days going inside… then outside… then inside… then outside… then inside…


February 4th: I managed to take only TWO photos this day, and they were both of this bottle of Burt’s Bees lotion for a review I did. Wah! But, ya know, it’s a pretty bottle. 😉


Project 365! Days 22-28

Another damn awesome week! This is the most I’ve ever consecutively taken my camera out for fun, personal photos and it’s becoming like second nature for me, which was my goal. I’m really hoping I’m able to make it enough of a habit that it sticks with me in the busy months (when I am doing much more “work” photography). Here’s my week summed up!

January 22nd: Mom, Mukow, and I went for a walk around Mackworth Island in Falmouth. It was CRAZY cold but I’m glad we stuck with it — we made it around the entire perimeter of the island (about 1.25 miles). The views are stunning all around and it’s a great place for dogs! We even found a tiny pet cemetery in the middle — set up by Percival Baxter, it’s home to 14 of his faithful Irish Setters and 1 horse. Awesome!


January 23rd: My friend Devon and I went on a cemetery tour around Windham — we managed to hit 6 different cemeteries and had an awesome time taking photos and exploring!


January 24th: It snowed for a while — big, fat, fluffy flakes — and I ended up taking Mukow to Baxter Woods for a walk. It was just as gorgeous as I hoped!


January 25th: I did a boudoir marathon day at my studio! I had 4 gorgeous ladies come in for mini sessions — with hair & makeup by Jessica Candage — and it was a total success.


January 26th: Didn’t do much except play outside with Mukow — she’s a bad ass.


January 27th: If you didn’t hear (impossible, I think the entire world knows), there was a bit of a storm in New England called Juno. We didn’t get hit very hard, honestly — the visibility was shitty if you were driving but I hardly know anyone who did since tons of businesses were shut down for the day. It was fun to have a “snow day” (most of my winter days are snow days but it was fun to have Nate home!) and Mukow LOVED IT.


January 28th: Another day spent at home — just played outside with Mukow and admired the gorgeous winter sky.


Project 365! Days 15-21

Pretty happy that this past week was a productive one all around. I got out of the house a ton, photographed my first wedding of the year, and stayed on top of this project almost perfectly. I did miss one day — Tuesday the 20th. I remember going outside with Mukow and almost grabbing my camera but thinking no, we’ll only be outside for a few minutes… should have just done it! I didn’t end up doing anything outside of the house all day and completely missed my chance. I didn’t even realize it until Wednesday morning — I checked my camera in hopes that I photographed SOMETHING, but… alas. I am trying not to feel too guilty about it. I’ve got 21/22 days complete and that’s pretty damn awesome! So here’s this week’s photos…

January 15th: I took a short walk with Mukow into one of the nearby neighborhoods — I was on the search for a cemetery I could see from the bottom of our street. But I couldn’t figure out how to get to it so we headed home.


January 16th: I tried to get some ASMR audio recordings up and decided to record myself reading some short stories — “Dagon” from H.P. Lovecraft’s Necronomicon was up first. But then I got nervous about copyright infringement and took it down. :/


January 17th: I photographed Kerry & Alex’s wedding, my first of the year! It was at Portland’s Ocean Gateway and it was amazing. Lots of love, a super fun wedding party, a gorgeous view, and we survived the 16 degree temperatures for some awesome outdoor portraits.


January 18th: I met up with my good friend Kim and we headed to Western Cemetery to explore. It’s beautiful and has lots of old tombstones but it’s notorious for being neglected by the city and has so many broken headstones — it was pretty sad. It’s also supposed to have lots of paranormal activity — the most active cemetery in Portland. We didn’t experience anything… this time!


January 19th: I spent some time outside with Mukow AND had a photo shoot with my hair stylist — she wanted to do something creative with a couple models and it was awesome. But I also tried to find that elusive cemetery again and realized it’s the nearby Mount Sinai Cemetery, which I’ve been to before. I stopped on my way home and popped in with my headphones and my camera. I had fun exploring in the beautiful sunset light until I noticed two dudes digging a grave. I’m plenty morbid but… that freaked me out a little bit.


January 20th: MISSED IT! Wah. 😥

January 21st: I spent around an hour outside with Mukow and her neighbor/best friend Molly — they had fun playing with a squeaky bone together (which they later destroyed).


Project 365! Days 8-14

I’m proud to say that I’m 15 days into Project 365 and I’ve taken at least one photograph (usually much more, though) every day! I’m trying to stay realistic — winter is a slow time for me so it’s fairly easy to keep up. I’m hoping that when my busy season kicks in I am able to stay as dedicated. Anyways, here’s days 8-14!

January 8th: I’m currently reading this awesome book — The Dead Roam the Earth by Alasdair Wickham. It’s all about paranormal activity in many different parts of the world — demons, hauntings, possessions, liminal creatures… it’s great.


January 9th: We played out in the yard, per usual! This photo probably won’t crack anyone else up as much as it’s cracking me up, but it’s a good representation of how crazy Mukow gets when she plays with these sprigs of pine needles. She LOVES them. She’ll pounce on them crazily and whips them in the air with her mouth. It is hilarious and I took a bunch of photos when she was doing it (and now I’m cracking up looking back through them).


January 10th: It was a WEE bit cold aaaaand the leaves in the front yard were frozen. Oof.


January 11th: All three of us went for a walk in Portland’s Evergreen Cemetery, which was even more gorgeous in the snow. I fell absolutely in love with this headstone — it was like a blue gem in a sea of gray and white.


January 12th: Mukow and I explored the nearby Bailey Cemetery (which is said to be haunted) — photos coming tomorrow. 🙂


January 13th: I took a walk down the street with Mukow and ventured through an odd little path in the woods. We got a little past this point — right when the woods were about to break — but Mukow would NOT let us go any further. So odd. It’s kind of a weird spot and I’m not really sure what would have been up ahead, so now I am itching to go back!


January 14th: I met up for coffee with my brother, Gray, at Tandem Coffee Roasters! He’s damn awesome. We got to chat for a couple hours and I enjoyed some delicious herbal tea and a jalapeño-cheddar biscuit (nom).


Project 365! Days 1-7

As you may know by now, I am taking part in Project 365 for (hopefully) the duration of 2015. It basically is a project consisting of one goal: take one photo per day for the entire year. It doesn’t need to be anything super special — it could be what you had for lunch, what you wore, something beautiful you saw, the sunrise or sunset, your dog, whatever — and it can be taken with your phone or a camera. I am personally opting to use my camera for this project — I use my phone way too often and it prevents me from taking real, high-quality photos nearly as often as I should. Some days there will be an entire batch of photos (like a few days this year so far where I’ve gone out with the sole purpose of exploring and photographing), and some days there will be just one, reluctantly taken so I can keep up with the project. Either way, I’m enjoying it so much already and it’s only been a week! Here’s a photo from each day so far…

January 1st: My neighbors’ dog,Molly. She is by far Mukow’s best friend in the whole world. They play together almost every day and she loves chewing on Mukow’s toys!


January 2nd: I went on a walk through Evergreen Cemetery in Portland with my Mom and Mukow. It was an awesome winter day — cold but no snow! You can see the full post here.


January 3rd: I really didn’t do anything that day so took a photo of my alligator friend who sits on my calendar. I got him in New Orleans last January. 🙂

January7th (1)

January 4th: I took a solo walk through Calvary Cemetery in South Portland, my first time visiting. It had snowed the night before and it was absolutely gorgeous. You can see the full post here!


January 5th: It was SUPER windy that day — around 25mph at some points. I took Mukow outside and the wind literally pinned her ears back — cutest thing ever!


January 6th: Another random, boring day — I photographed some products I’ll be reviewing soon, including this Sojourn smoothing serum!


January 7th: I almost forgot to take a photo that day, but snuck in this photo of Mukow in her favorite spot in Nate’s room!