Stream of Consciousness #1

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Every once in a while I have a whole bunch of random things I want to put on here but I feel like it’s a jumbled mass of half ideas and unfinished thoughts. Nothing is quite enough to flesh out an entire blog post, or to make it a teachable moment, or to use it to inspire someone. But it all needs to go somewhere, right? So once in a while I’m going to do a stream of consciousness post and they can all be collected and live together in randomness and obscurity.

I have a huge craving for sushi — have for weeks — and it’s a true testament to my laziness and my hermit tendencies this time of year that I haven’t found an excuse to go get some.

I know it’s cliche but I seriously don’t know where the year has gone. It blows my mind on a daily basis that is already winter, already December, already ALMOST CHRISTMAS.

My office is an absolute disaster and I think I’m going to use a blog post idea as an excuse to clean it. Yay for needing self-indulgent excuses to get anything done!

My hair is in pigtails right now — see below for proof — and I think it’s adorable but there’s always this lingering thought of the stereotypical douchebag who would see them and go “oh sweet, handles!” that stops me from wearing them in public.


I am way, WAY overdue for a new tattoo.

I really struggled with a boudoir shoot today. I let her shyness and nervousness and seeming lack of confidence get to me. I should have been able to bring her out of her shell more, and I think I did a bit, but I’m disappointed that I let it affect me so negatively.

I miss my brother SO MUCH. It’s been so long since we hung out one-on-one and I really, really miss it. I know we’ve both been so busy with work and personal issues and it’s no one’s fault… it’s just one of those things that I regularly feel nostalgic for.

I started an Instagram for this blog today and I feel really accomplished about it.

The blonde part of my hair is feeling super soft lately thanks to an awesome leave-in conditioner (that I will blog about soon). It was super coarse after being lightened and I was worried that it would be that way forever because I’m a total n00b when it comes to anything hair-related but thankfully my fears were not realized.

I have one crooked molar (I just made a typo and spelled that “moral” and there’s a lesson in there somewhere) and it’s driving me nuts but I don’t know if I could ever justify the insane price of Invisalign just to fix one tooth that is purely aesthetically unpleasant. But I am a pretty vain person and despite the fact that it’s been crooked for YEARS and everyone has loved me just the same (or have they!?!) it bothers me on a daily basis.

I’ve been making sure to empty my work inbox every evening and it feels SO GOOD to wake up to only FRESH e-mails and not ones that have been sitting there for days.

Working from home is really awesome but also really hard and I wish more people knew that. Again, I’ll be blogging about this more in-depth soon because PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW.

I need to bond more with my sister-in-law. It’s been 9 years and I know we are close in many ways but I think we could be so much more like sisters if we put in some more effort. She’s so awesome — I couldn’t have picked a better sister-in-law if I tried — and I want to take advantage of her awesomeness more often (if you’re reading this, HI BECKA!).