Matteo Montanari

Based in Paris but originally from Italy, Matteo Montanari is someone whose work I have recently discovered. The one thing I can say about him is that his photographs have attitude — they have more soul and depth than some other fashion and commercial work I’ve seen. He has a way of capturing these emotions and expressions that make you feel like you’re learning something about the model.


Negativity (Or Lack Thereof)

I’ve been realizing more and more lately how I just don’t have time for unnecessary negativity, whether it be my personal or professional life. It’s been on my mind a lot, but was solidified when I recently encountered some extremely closed-minded, negative, and downright mean photographers in a forum I was a part of (and have since left because fuck that). I know what you’re thinking — of course I had a bad experience in an online forum. I know people can be a hell of a lot shittier online because the anonymity creates this sense of freedom and all filters go out the window, but damn, people. Have a little respect and decency for your colleagues. We’re all in this together, right?

And really, that kind of expression can be applied to everyone, everywhere. We’re all in this WORLD together, all on this earth and experiencing life together. What’s the point in being an asshole? In complaining? In only seeing the bad? In being convinced that you’re the only person who can possibly be right, and everyone else is just stupid, or inexperienced, or naive? I’m not saying there’s never any room to think and feel thoughts and feelings that aren’t just rainbows and unicorns. I understand that sometimes life is rough, sometimes things are painful or discouraging or downright shitty, and it’s okay to let yourself become immersed in those feelings. I’m talking more about people who like to complain or degrade or just spit out negative energy every chance they get. The world is just waiting to hear why they hated this TV show, how badly their day is going because there was a long line at Starbucks, how much this celebrity is ugly and this one has no talent and this song is stupid, how they don’t have enough money or a big enough house or whatever it may be. I’m guilty of these things, too, but I’m working to cut it all out of my life. The thoughts AND the people. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Tom Craig

London-based photographer Tom Craig‘s work is said to “defy categorization by specific photographic genre”, and I’d have to agree with that. Some of his work could be loosely called “fashion photography”, but it still has this undeniable sense of spirit and adventure that is lacking in much of the fashion world. Each project he works on really comes through to the viewer as more than just something aesthetic, but rather an experience.


Joe St. Pierre

Joe St. Pierre is probably the first local photographer I’ve shown on here — he’s based in North Attleboro, Massachusetts! I found his work on Flickr, one of my favorite places to explore. He has some gorgeous personal work, very intimate, and I saw on his website that he also does engagements and weddings. I wasn’t surprised at all to see that his work with couples has the same intimacy — it’s obvious that he not only has a skill for capturing details beautifully, but for allowing his clients to relax in front of his camera. It’s a pretty awesome skill to have.